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Home Scholars of Boston, LLC fosters scholarly engagement in English Language Arts and the Humanities for homeschooled students in the Greater Boston area. In addition to teaching, tutoring and custom class design, Home Scholars of Boston, LLC offers education planning and advising services to assist parents in customizing their child’s education while ensuring high academic standards.

Our courses are grounded in the classics, yet unconstrained by the traditional classroom setting.  Classes are small to ensure individualized attention and instruction. Custom classes can be developed for specific homeschooling groups.

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“Linda’s enthusiasm for teaching and writing comes through clearly, in every interaction. My daughter took Essay 1 and 2 with a small group of 5th and 6th grade students. I was hoping for an essay class where my daughter could (a) exchange ideas with (and learn from) her peers; (b) practice in-class timed writing; (c) practice more leisurely thoughtful writing with the opportunity to brainstorm, outline, write, revise, receive feedback, and revise further; (d) be encouraged to develop her organizational, proofreading, critical thinking, and persuasive skills, so she would (e) feel capable and confident, and enjoy writing. Linda’s class provides for all of these things.

Linda is warm, patient, and encouraging. Each class has a clear focus or purpose; her comments on writing are specific and actionable, often presented as an inviting question, rather than a directive. She is wise and discerning, with a light but inspiring touch of rigor that helped my daughter strive for a better work product. Linda meets each student where they are, and helps them take the next steps. She is available between classes for phone consultations, if a student is stuck or has a question. She understands how to include some levity, whether it is a funny writing exercise, a gotcha Internet activity, or a fresh air break. For parents, she emails detailed reports on what occurred in class (including a lot of positive coaching and framing to help the kids stay positive with a growth mindset) and the next assignment.

The final word is from my daughter. She compared her work product from 4 months ago with her recent in-class writing and saw a huge improvement. She literally laughed out loud, said her earlier drafts “are awful”, and, most importantly, knew immediately how she could revise her earlier work to improve it.— Evelyn (parent)

“I highly recommend Linda Carney-Goodrich from Home Scholars of Boston. My daughter took three 10-week classes with her (Poetry, Short Story, and Critical Classics). She loved each of them and learned so much. Linda is a thoughtful, passionate teacher and fosters a true love of writing. My daughter came home from each class energized and enthusiastic about writing. The classes are challenging but also very supportive and encourage a lot of peer review and discussion. At the end of each session my daughter had an impressive portfolio of work and her writing had really improved.
Not only did my daughter learn the process of writing and reading critically, but she also developed confidence in giving and receiving peer feedback, organizing her work, and completing homework assignments independently.” –Patty, parent


“Linda was an amazing teacher. My daughter took three different classes from her and loved them all: Creative Writing, Poetry, and Argumentative Writing. The class became a wonderful community, with the students supporting each other, sharing their work, and over time, becoming great friends. Linda creates a lovely learning environment that is simultaneously relaxed and deeply engaging. My daughter worked hard and grew tremendously because she was excited by what she was learning.”

Antonia, parent

“Linda is an inspiring and passionate teacher! My daughter took both her poetry and writing classes last year and came home excited and buzzing with creativity every single week. She is very shy but Linda knew just how to motivate her, and by the end of the session my daughter had produced an impressive portfolio of work. Linda is fabulous and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a dynamic writing class for their child.”
Ansley, parent

My daughter has taken two courses with Linda and both have exceeded our expectations. Linda connects with each scholar where they are at, encourages them thoughtfully, and not only holds them to high standards, but helps them learn to hold themselves to those standards as well. The connection Linda fosters across the class is one of safety so students feel comfortable taking risks and sharing their writing with one another. My daughter has loved Linda’s classes, her direct and clear style of instruction, and her unconditional support to nurture her growth. We feel like we’ve found a secret goldmine her her in Linda and I (almost) don’t want to share her!

– Valerie, mother to 9 year-old daughter

As parents we are extremely excited about the launching of Linda Carney-Goodrichs’ Home Scholars Program. Linda is a committed and passionate educator. When we were at our wits end concerning our sons’ lack of the desire to read, it was Linda who was able to teach them the love of reading. After spending several months being cared for and tutored by Linda, both boys began to excel in school. Our younger son won many awards that year for his improved reading and learning capabilities, including the Presidential Award of Excellence granted to him by Barack Obama. Our other son is now a thriving student with a 4.0 average at the Univeristy of Oregon. He loves to read and learn. I credit most, if not all of this, to Linda. we are more than positive that Home Scholars will introduce countless young learners to the joys of learning and reading. We wholeheartedly endorse Home Scholars of Boston and its founder.
-Freeda and Brian Rawson, parents
“My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the Girls’ Writing Club with Linda in 2014. Linda taught my daughter the elements of a story, how to give and receive feedback, and how to read her story aloud to an audience with confidence. The class concluded with a formal reading and reception that celebrated the girls’ hard work.”
Jeanine Pinto, parent